This provides the stone with a flat and shiny surface. Polishing enhances appearance and gives resistance to external aggressive agents, both chemical and weather related. Final finishes can range from a mat to a glossy shine, depending on the successive use of larger and smaller grained abrasives.

On a large scale, and particularly for the production of granite countertops, continuous polishing machines are used which have various arms with grinding wheels that produce rotational and pendulum movements on fixed benches. Only small surfaces are polished manually, such as handicraft items, decorative or restoration pieces, mouldings, etc.

The final appearance of the countertops is a smooth shiny surface due to the crystalline nature of the granites, highlighting colour and texture. Apart from providing specific aesthetic characteristics, this procedure closes porosity and makes the material highly resistant to aggressive external agents.

All these advantages of comfort, aesthetics, insulation, durability and protection of materials are enhanced by using an exclusive material with properties as unique as

Granite Negro Villar polished:


Granite Negro Encina polished: